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13x24x1A – Merv 11

13x24x1A – Merv 11
AC Furnace Air Filter
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Filter Size: 13x24x1A

Actual Size: 13x24x1

Actual Size Fraction : 13x24x1

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The poor air quality in your home can have a significant impact on your health. Studies prove that poor air quality can lead to serious health complications like heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, asthma, breathing problems, and more. The good news is that Custom Filters Direct 13x24x1A air filters are one of the best and easiest ways to clean the air in your home or office. By purchasing these air filters, you’ll prevent yourself and your family from the unwanted nuisance that contaminants in the air and enjoy a higher quality of life.

All our 13x24x1A air filters are made in the USA, which means you will get the best quality filters at much lower prices. These are flexible, durable, and can be used in any HVAC system to pull pollutants from the air and circulate clean air into the room.

Custom Filters Direct 13x24x1A air filters are constructed with an advanced synthetic air media that utilizes both electrostatically charged fibers and industry-standard principles. These filters will offer high levels of filtration while keeping the HVAC system working efficiently.

MERV 8, MERV 11, MERV 13 Rated 13x24x1A Air Filters


If you’re looking for premium-quality AC and furnace filters that are not too expensive, then a MERV 8 is the best option. These air filters will capture 85% of the particles including, pollen, dust mites, mold, and bacteria.


These air filters are highly effective at removing more than 85% ranging between 3.0-10.0 microns and more than 50% of the air particles ranging between 1.0-3.0 microns.


These air filters are effective at collecting more than 90% of particles ranging between 3.0 – 10.0 microns and up to 75% of particles ranging between 0.3-1.0 microns. These filters are ideal to use in commercial spaces, office buildings, hospitals, and universities, or wherever high air filtration is required.

13x24x1A Air Filters Delivery

Custom Filters Direct offers new air filters that keep indoor airflow clean and healthy. You may take benefit from having new air filters installed before they become dirty and begin to cause problems. So, we offer a subscription service that will have new air filters arrive at your door monthly. You can also order 6, 12, or more packs that are even shipped with great discounts.

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