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10x30x1 – Merv 13

10x30x1 – Merv 13
AC Furnace Air Filter
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Filter Size: 10x30x1

Actual Size: 9.75×29.75×1

Actual Size Fraction : 9-3/4×29-3/4×1

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Shop 10x30x1 Air Filters Online for your Home or Business

On our home planet, a large range of irritants flows in the air stream and are capable of entering your homes or office spaces through airflow. When you inhale these irritants such as cigarette smoke, inorganic dust, and other environmental pollutants, they may cause severe health issues, like cancer, heart disease, asthma, etc.

To improve the indoor air quality of your home or office, it is best to install a new 10x30x1 HVAC air filter. These air filters will help you avoid several health problems that come with harmful airflow. Our 10x30x1 air filters are capable of cleaning the air by removing smoke, viruses, bacteria, and more.

Custom Filters Direct 10x30x1 air filters can fit into HVAC units and help provide your space with fresh and clean airflow. These air filters can provide your home with a much-needed layer of protection, while the air filters are easy to replace when they become dirty. Our air filters are the perfect choice for homes with high humidity or intermittent moisture conditions.

We have MERV 8, MERV 11, MERV 13 10x30x1 Air Filters

MERV 8 air filters capture airborne particles/allergens up to 85% of the air particles between 3.0-10.0 microns in size and are an ideal upgrade from standard disposable panel filters. Not only do our MERV 8 air filters capture more pollutants than lower-rated filters, but they fit your budget perfectly.

For superior air filtration, our MERV 11 10x30x1 air filters are the best choice for families with kids or pets. These filters can capture more than 85% of harmful particles between the size of 3.0-10.0 microns and up to 50% of particles between 1.0-3.0 microns in size.

MERV 13 air filters are the ultimate allergen filter that proactively captures even the most microscopic particles from the air. These air filters are designed to capture more than 90% of air particles 3.0-10.0 microns in size and up to 75% of particles between 1.0-3.0 microns in size. These air filters are the best choice for homes, general surgery suites, smoking lounges, and commercial buildings.

10x30x1 Air Filters Delivery

If you worry about saving money without compromising on quality. You will never regret it when you buy 10x30x1 air filters from us.

Custom Filters Direct 10x30x1 furnace and HVAC filters are available online and are affordable enough to match your home’s or office’s needs. We offer a subscription service to have new filters delivered to your home or offices as often as monthly. Order today and get new air filters that help ensure clean airflow for your home.