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21.5x24x2 – Merv 13

21.5x24x2 – Merv 13
AC Furnace Air Filter
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Product Description

Filter Size: 21.5x24x2A

Actual Size: 21.5x24x2

Actual Size Fraction : 21-1/2x24x2

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Buy 21.5x24x2 Air Filters Online

It’s every homeowner and business’s goal to have clean and fresh indoor air in their spaces without having to pay high energy costs.

Custom Filters Direct offers quality 21.5x24x2 air filters that don’t just filter out airborne allergen from your living space, but also improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. Made with premium quality material, our sturdy, well-designed 21.5x24x2 furnace and AC filters won’t bend or warp under high pressure. These filters are affordable and provide residential & commercial sites with a much-needed layer of air filtration.

The fabrication of Custom Filters Direct 21.5x24x2 air filters is designed in a way that meets specific air quality needs as well as fits almost every HVAC system. Our air filters are constructed with 100% synthetic media to eliminate 90% of pollutants from the indoor air.

Reasons why replacing filters are so important?

Over time, the dirt and airborne particles accumulate on the air filter surface. The particles clog the pores of the air filters and block the airflow. Frequently changing your HVAC filters –

  • Provide a cleaner and healthier breathing environment for everyone in your space.
  • Helps in keeping utility bills lower by using less energy.
  • Maintains cleaner and fresher air in your living and workspace.
  • Extends the lifespan of your HVAC system.

MERV 8, MERV 11, MERV 13 Air Filters

Our MERV 21.5x24x2 air filters are budget-friendly, high quality, and made in the USA. So, you can easily choose a filter rating that best fits your needs.

MERV 8 Air Filters: Perfect choice for almost all basic homes and businesses’ air filtration needs. These HVAC filters capture up to 85% of airborne allergens between the 3.0 – 10.0 microns in size. These filters are good at removing particles such as dust, mold, and pollen.

MERV 11 Air Filters: If you have severe allergies, have multiple pets, or live in an environment where a large number of pollutants flow in the air stream, we recommended MERV 11 air filter. It can help you breathe easier and assist in alleviating allergies by capturing more than 85% of air particles 3.0 – 10.0 microns in size.

MERV 13 Air Filters: These filters trap 90% of the microscopic particles, including virus carriers, smoke, and bacteria.

Custom Filters Direct also offers a monthly subscription service and discount on bulk orders. Place your order now!